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17 Jul 07 - 12:06pm
Hi Zille, ,

yep, went to czech, but back home now.. only a small trip you see, but a lot of fun.

You go north the 23rd? Use my telephone numer on the contact page above, and come hang out in the forest..

bis bald!
Mail: hacksaft#web&de
14 Jul 07 - 01:34am
hey lars!

hope you'll check here.

just yesterday i heard that you're on tour right now, direction Czech. quite a pitty, then we wont meet in oslo! i'm starting off monday the 23rd.

hope you have a save journey!

see you in october!

greetz, zillE*
Mail: hacksaft#web&de
18 Jun 07 - 05:55pm
hey there.

it's been quite a while since i checked here....i admit it! i never got an answer. but i dont even remember what i send that you could answer...:-) i got a mail from mido. did you also sent something?

if yes: someone/something is sabotaging this! let's try all my mail adresses, one has to work:

and! i heard (and read just now) that you guys are coming to hamburg again this year! thats great! and this time i've got enough space here that you can both come with me ...:-)where are you going to play? do you know yet? störte or flora?

hey, see you next month is oslo!


11 Jun 07 - 10:07am
Næmmen, hva er det her forno'? Ny Hjemmeside??
15 May 07 - 11:08am
Hi Zille... the answer has been sent... today. So we will see if the black hole still sucks the internet away, or if hypertravel conquers the spiderwebs of blah.

Mail: hacksaft#web&de
10 May 07 - 09:09pm
hey guys!

i was wondering, is there a black whole that eats up all the mailtransfer between you and me and thats why no messages ever reache me, or has the answer just not been sent jet?* :-)

anyways, greets from hamburg!

Mail: siri#ju-ju&org
30 Apr 07 - 06:38pm
halla håper dere har det fett og har hatt det slik en bare kan ha det på tur med dere to (nok nerver til å dele rundt)

viva la casa !

klem fra jujubæbu
Mail: bjorn#rockerhaugen&org
27 Apr 07 - 04:18am
Så dere på strange days nede i jordhøgga bar for noen år tilbake, topp fem konsertopplevelse.

kommer til Blitz på mandagen
Schbinz? Binzumüde!
20 Apr 07 - 03:42pm
U're those kinda guy who give everything no matter how many people there are. It was awesome!!!

Hope to see u again! Thanks for comming! and have a great tour!

p.s. sorry for waking one of u ;)
Don Pedro
09 Apr 07 - 01:43am
you guys fucking ruled today. hope to see you again in oldenburg but I'm sure thilo/crush hour'll take care of that.

up the bottles-