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Mail: contact#lacasafantom&com
14 Mar 07 - 12:06pm
Hello Kuba!

Good too hear from you! Im doing good thanks! And you? I heard you got a girlfriend now? How is it in Poland? We go soon on tour, and we still have some days off that might fit in playing some gigs in Poland if you want visit?

Hope to hear from you!

Take care and enjoy the spring, we miss you here please come visit!
Kuba, Poland
Mail: cyberpunk23#o2&pl
13 Mar 07 - 11:03pm
hi bord, how are you?

lots of hugs from pland,

Mail: --
21 Feb 07 - 09:27am
Funker det å legge inn fra mobilen min, tro?
Knutm :-)
Mail: mogster#boomdesign&no
20 Feb 07 - 05:39pm
Grattis med ny gjestebok! :)
Mail: amo#deviaks&com
07 Feb 07 - 12:00am
It´s fucking freezing here! When you go out it feels like your face is gonna fall off.

We just played in this Punk 30 years-festival and we got so drunk that we were even more annoying than the last time you met us.

Well now I have to go to work! Thanks a lot for trying to get that recording for us!
casa crew
30 Jan 07 - 12:00am
Hello Aemoe!

Good too hear from you! Ill talk to lars if he knows where it is and then come back to you! How are things in Finland? Here its snow and i just brooke my nose at work so im enjoyin some days off. Ok. ill talk to lars and then send you a mail! Big hug Baard
Mail: amo#deviaks&com
30 Jan 07 - 12:00am
Hello! I´m Ämö the drummer of Abnormi. Hey when you last time played in Finland with us you told me. that it maybe would be possible to get that recording of Abnormi´s Blitz-gig on cd-r? If you could somehow get that for me. I would be more than happy. Of course I´ll pay you if you can do that. It was nice to see you last time. And hopefully I´ll see you soon again. Bye!
19 Jan 07 - 12:00am
alle tiders!
12 Jan 07 - 12:00am
Hei sjuspring.. Ny plata er i gjæring nå.. ferdig til april!
per sjuspring
09 Jan 07 - 12:00am
noe ny musikk fra vinfabrikken på gang?