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Harald Rex
Mail: hsletterod#gmail&com
19 Apr 11 - 07:29am
Hey dudes. Been diggin you guys for a while now and would like to see you at a festival this summer. Rock and roll!
Katie Jones
15 Apr 11 - 09:00am
Katie Jones
Mail: thinkspeakactforyourself#hotmail&com
15 Apr 11 - 08:59am
Hey guys. I got really sad last year knowing that you were playing at Setúbal, Portugal and I was going to make it. Luckly you came back this year to play at my hometown, Lisboa. Congrats, you REALLY put on an amazing show, everyone who didn't already know you was very surprised. Hope you get to play in Portugal again soon. Keep up! **
Mail: eroderecords#yahoo&de
31 Mar 11 - 11:10pm
It was really nice to meeting you, I wish we had more time to hang around. See you next time and I hope we'll play together again!
Casa Crew
05 Mar 11 - 12:24pm
Hey ho Surco! The name of this song is "forlatt" (abandoned)
04 Mar 11 - 09:38pm

What is a song´s name?
Mauro Coelho
Mail: maurocoelho85#hotmail&com
09 Feb 11 - 10:56pm
Hi guys, can´t wait to see you in Porto.

Are you bringing merch?

07 Feb 11 - 12:47am
å hvor jeg undrs. når går færden nordover?
28 Jan 11 - 11:12pm
hey guys!

we're waiting for you in grenoble...another year, another gig...see you soon...cheers!
Mail: disbeatrawpunk#gmail&com
31 Oct 10 - 06:37pm
dear fucking forest punks! iam listening your records at the moment, i love this shit! i hope the tour went well! iam glad to met you again and i hope see you soon! all the best!