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31 May 10 - 12:50pm
Happy birthday bard! Hoffe ich irre mich nicht im Datum :)

grüße aus hannover!
07 May 10 - 01:01pm
ich habe mein gehirn in der köpi zur frühstückszeit.
Haselore Kohl
Mail: h_kohl#haselore&com
27 Apr 10 - 10:41am
PS: la casa fantom vids 2bfound at
Haselore Kohl
Mail: h_kohl#haselore&com
27 Apr 10 - 10:40am
watch some videos from there cool show in hannover or read about it on my blog
Sergio (crisischrist)
18 Apr 10 - 09:54pm
luck with the tour! a pleasure playing with you.
Mail: josepfb_bcn$ hotmail (mu) com
12 Apr 10 - 10:31pm
hey! i saw you on la jungla (barcelona) saturday night, and all can i say is that it was fuckin amazing, i bought you the cd with familien.

i have to say, that from your merch box, when u start playing it sounded like a full band, actually me and a friend were listening some guitar riffs, so when i came to the front, i just was out of myself.

I'm a bass player, and just watching you play i learned a lot.

thanx and i hope to see you again!
31 Mar 10 - 06:22pm
1:51 min - The drummer is wearing a La Casa Fantom T-Shirt!
Mail: kimshalla#gmail&com
30 Mar 10 - 10:53pm
Takk for fet konsert i døderen!

Ha en fortsatt god og fri tur
J Piraat
Mail: jonnepiraat#hotmail&com
12 Jan 10 - 09:31pm
hey the pirata bar from scheveningen was wondering if you could come over and play again, we also saw that you have a tour so maybe you can come over during your tour

cheers and beers
12 Jan 10 - 07:44pm
hey casa-crew,

what about crush-hour in Oldenburg this year ???