Tour in March!!

15.03.23 P8, Karlsruhe
16.03.23 Schrottbar, Biel
17.03.23 Laveyron, France
18.02.23 La Zep, Mercoirol-Bas, Ales
19.02.23 Blokes Fantasmas, Barcelona
20.02.23 Because, Castellon
21.03.23 La Residencia, Valencia
22.03.23 Trashcan, Madrid
23.03.23 Arrebato, Zaragossa
24.03.23 Villa Truno, Logrono
25.03.23 Eibar

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We are a noisy little duo from the forest of Norway, and since the year 2000 we've been bugging the conservative with a medieval something-core across 30 different countries in Europe spread out on more than 550 concerts during countless tours and a bunch of vinyls.