Tour dates in the east!!::::::

16.10.19 Blitz, Oslo, Norway
18.10.19 Ülase 12, Tallinn, Estonia
19.10.19 Svora, St Petersburg, Russia
20.10.19 Ubezhische No1, Petrozavodsk
21.10.10 Mayak Club, Gryazovets
22.10.19 Big Ben, Tver
23.10.19 Uspekh Bar, Moscow
24.10.19 Pskov
25.10.19 Adminu Iela, Riga, Latvia
26.10.19 XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania
27.10.19 Nesterka Bar, Grodno, Belarus
28.10.19 ADA, Warszawa, Poland
29.10.19 Hajnova, Zilina, Slovakia
30.10.19 Bajkazyl, Brno, Czech Republic
31.10.19 Café Na Půl Cesty, Praha
01.11.19 Garlic, Dresden, Germany
02.11.19 G16, Leipzig
03.11.19 Rote Insel, Berlin

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In case you forgot or still didn't get it:

We are a noisy little duo from the forest of Norway, and since the year 2000 we've been bugging the conservative with a medieval something-core across 30 different countries in Europe spread out on more than 550 concerts during countless tours and a bunch of vinyls.