So, whats up for 2019?

New Album!

New Tour!

06.04.19 Los Blokes / Barcelona
08.04.19 La Residencia / Valencia
09.04.19 Donde Siempre / Madrid
10.04.19 Casa de las Muses / Burgos
11.04.19 Liceo Mutante / Pontevedra
12.04.19 Nave1839 / A Coruna
13.04.19 Villa Truno / Logrono
14.04.19 Orbeko / Llodio
20.04.19 Fuzzcake / Mens / France

A sneak peak into the fuzzcake studio, where our new record is cooking....
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German/Worldwide distribution here

Norwegian source here
French distribution here

French review of Kill me clean

In case you forgot or still didn't get it:

We are a noisy little duo from the forest of Norway, and since the year 2000 we've been bugging the conservative with a medieval something-core across 30 different countries in Europe spread out on more than 550 concerts during countless tours and a bunch of vinyls.