2016's 8 Track Noise blast. It's about the forest. We let it slide and it got mowed down. Now none care.
Recorded and Mixed at Iskrem Electro by La casa fantom
Mastered by Sergey Alexeev at His Hovel

Stuff from this one:
La Casa Fantom - Kill Me Clean - Full album

Smell the tension and feed yourself 9 new tracks of heavy and doomy opera!
Back to total DIY, this time it's recorded, mixed, mastered and screenprinted by... us!

Stuff from this one:
01 Feed my silence, 02 I don't care, 03 Snake, 04 Back to nothing, 05 Treehouse living, 07 Nullstilt, 09 The lake, cover

LP/CD, 9 songs varying from slo'mo to ultra. Less produced, less abused, but still.... hard and sad!

Stuff from this one:
01 Ut å begrave drømmen min, 03 Søvngjenger, 04 The golden promise, 05 Shut up, 06 Ou est le brie-, 08 Smoking holy books, 09 I surrender, cover

CD-Single with 1 new dronish-Imadeamessagain-confession. Slow, long and monotone. Yeah!

7" split with our friends in Sønderknust!
Black Metal meet Stonerpunk!

Stuff from this one:
Evolusjonen, cover

7" single with the 2 longest casa songs ever...
Stuff from this one:
02 Alkymist, 1 Forlatt, cover

The fredløs 12" with 10 songs. There is so much to die for!

Stuff from this one:
01 Point of no return, 02 Den samme gamle greia, 03 Dø for livet, 04 1=x2+y2, 05 Jeg brenner meg, 06 Min mantra, 07 Kunststykke, 08 Smaken av metall, 09 Utbrent, 10 Fredløs, Poster, cover

7" with 5 songs of cutting-edge trashy compositions.

Stuff from this one:
La Casa Fantom - Cut EP - 01 Cut EP Side A, La Casa Fantom - Cut EP - 02 Cut EP Side B, La Casa Fantom - Cut EP - cover, PosterColor

This 12"/CD brings you no tomorrow.... 10 songs in a schizofrenic mix of trash, stoner HC and brass-hymns

Stuff from this one:
01-Stillheten skriker, 02-Uprovd, uvitende, 03-Sover alene, 04-Hodepine, 05-Meninga med livet, 06-Ingen ny dag, 07-Tomme hjerteslag, 08-Dagdrom, 09-Kaste den forste steinen, 10-Rommer til skogen, cover, poster

Our second 7" with 8 songs timing in at 12 minutes of familiar sounds. Join the family! Also available on CD together with "leter i mørket"

Stuff from this one:
02-Drommedolker, 03-Rus, 05-Tiden, 06-Voksen, 07-Kvalmen, cover

In 2004 we released this self-titeled cd/lp, containing 16 songs inspiered by medieval harmonies and tomorrow never come.

Stuff from this one:
02-Solens speil, 03-Provde aa romme, 06-Kobenhavn, 07-Oslo, 08-Middelalder, 09-Elendighet her, 11-Imperiet, 14-Tomhetens flagelant

In 2003 this seven-inch "leter i mørket" was set loose, cotainig 6 songs in about seven minutes total. la casa fantom explores the dark side of the road. Also available on CD together with "Familien"

Stuff from this one:
1-Gjenfodt til jord, 4-Logaritmisk dodsstatestikk, 6-Leter i morket

In 2001 we released our very firts record, cd "serum". 20 songs of live fast die young punkrock.

Stuff from this one:
07-Dommen, 15-Insomnia

You can buy our records directly from us at our concerts, or you can order from us, just send us a mail

In Oslo you can buy them at Tiger or at Blitz infoshop, In Tronheim at Ivar Matlaus Bokkafe.