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Windthrown - Self Titled (2018)

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Review 147. (05/11/19) #Windthrown s/t (self-released, 2018) - Behold what might be my favorite tape sent to me thus far. From where? Mens, France. Always genuinely thrilled when artists from overseas grant me their trust to hear & review their works. In this case, I’m just blown away. This sort of manically tunnel-visioned one-man experimental/psych/black(?) metal is legit my soul least it used to be. I haven’t really been listening to much distorted guitar-based experimental rock if late but now I sure am. This tape re-lit the fire. @windthrown_music is a solo project of Lars Tovernd, the music largely consists of guitars and vocals with some drones & various sounds. Very stripped down and focused but sonically expansive and expressive. I featured an excerpt from the opener ‘Out If My Head’ which immediately grabbed me with its march-like repetitive riffing & occasional minimal heartfelt vocalizations. A lot of the material is more in the contemplative free psych/rock realm with plenty of dynamic, quiet and meditative parts, (such as side A’s closer ‘Second Torso’ or side B’s ‘Pond’. The sound is warm, direct & drenched in fuzz, reverb & distortion. Beautifully packaged release as well, with art by Tatsuya Melnikava. Outsider/Art Rock of the highest order, utmost essential. It might be erroneous to label this any sort of ‘Metal’ but trust me, its heaviness, depth & darkness is comparable to some legendary one man black metal or experimental doom/sludge even. Hear(t) it: #undergroundcassette #undergroundtape #noisetape #noisecassettes #noisecassette #cassettereview #tapereview #noisemusic #experimentalmusic #undergroundrock #cassetteblog #psychfolk #psychedelicfolk #indiefolk #undergroundfolk #folkmusic #modernfolk #garagefolk #artrock #outsidermetal #outsiderrock #noiserock #outsiderblackmetal #experimentaldoom #psychmetal #ambientmetal

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