Lyngfarer - Helt Hjem

Windthrown - Melting

Confirmed tour dates so far....:
11.05.20 :: Benicarlo
13.05.20 :: Madrid
17.05.20 :: LLodio
21.05.20 :: Brest
23.05.20 :: Paris
24.05.20 :: Cologne
28.05.20 :: Hamburg
30.05.20 :: Malmø

Lyngfarer (Magnus Nymo) and Windthrown (Lars Toverud) are going on a 3 week tour in May 2020 as collaborating solo performers. The tour will be in support of their split LP due to be released on the 1st of May.

After having separately released music and toured for well over ten years in various bands like La Casa Fantom, Regn and Blackbird Raum amongst others, Lars and Magnus decided to work together on a full length studio album. The resulting split LP is drawing heartily from the underground punk, folk and metal world as well as storytelling and the diy aestetic. It spans from the fringier sides of traditional ballads to the more dynamic reaches of drones and noise as it explores commonalites between the two through a focus on the meditative and hypnotic.

The album as a whole is built on a noteworthy sonic pallate. Side A features Lyngfarer on the hardangerviola, anglo concertina, drones, various acoustic stringed instruments, singing and drumming. The B side presents Windthrown on electric baritone guitar, vocals, synthesizers, oscillators, cymbals and drums.

The release will be available digitally and on LP from the 1st of May. Preorders will start on the 20th of April with a selection from each side open for streaming.