………sorting out them electric sorrows since 2014

Iskrem Electro is a small electronics repair shop in Norway. I work on many different kinds of audio related electronics, be it tube/transistor amplifiers, mixers, effects, pedals etc. Mostly analog devices, but the occasional digital gizmo also gets fixed. Feel free to get in touch to find out if I can help you out!

Workshop is now a 45min drive out west from Oslo.

Current shop rate is 1150 NOK / hour, bench fee is 500 NOK (for diagnostics only) and earliest available timeslots are in mid July 2024

I use spare parts of equal or higher quality, but I am not a purist in the sense that it has to cosmetically be the exact same part, unless specifically agreed upon beforehand (for example in vintage amplifiers etc).

After finishing engineering school, I was working with SMD (those tiny modern) components and PCBs, so to a certain degree, I can repair those too.

The daily grind is documented here on my Instagram page:

Ingeniør Lars Toverud, Org no: 913053427 MVA