………sorting out them electric sorrows since 2014

Iskrem Electro is a small electronics repair shop in Norway. Need someone to bring your beloved amplifier back to life? That’s what I do, so feel free to get in touch!

Workshop is currently in Lier kommune, just out west from Oslo.

Current shop rate and bench fee is 1000 NOK / hour / item.

I try my best to work on any kind of audio related electronics, be it tube/transistor amplifiers, mixers, effects, pedals etc. Mostly analog devices, but the occasional digital gizmo also gets fixed. After finishing engineering school, I was working with SMD (those tiny modern) components and PCBs, so to a certain degree, I can repair those too.

I use spare parts of equal or higher quality, but I am not a purist in the sense that it has to cosmetically be the exact same part, unless specifically agreed upon beforehand (for example in vintage amplifiers etc).

The daily grind is documented here on my Instagram page:

Ingeniør Lars Toverud, Org no: 913053427 MVA