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casa crew
28 Dec 06 - 12:00am
Hello noora!

I just moved out from the forest. but Lars still lives there and im sure he would be happy for youre visit!

big hug

28 Dec 06 - 12:00am

Only some time after you left I understood your
"joke" about you guys living in a tree... How is it really? I would want to come for a visit one day just to see the studio in the trees. Remember me? I was your host in Tampere.

Casa crew
05 Dec 06 - 12:00am
Hi there Mish. Ilja. Krisse and anarkill! Thank you too for coming to the shows! We want to go back sometime. and we will see you again then!

Hei der "Har det" takkscharruha.. fun har nettside på posten rett over deg...:

Hey Martin.. thank you very much.. the same goes for you! Hope to see you again... maybe in Oslo?

For Teemu & Fun: yep. Blitz was a blast. we should do more together! Good luck with US tour and see you next time!

casa brew crew
teemu, fun
21 Nov 06 - 12:00am
hieej guys!

thanks again for everything. we had a blast. like we spoke. let´s do something again together. it seems to work! see you later.
har det
19 Nov 06 - 12:00am
drit fet konsert i går! har ikke sett en så bra konsert siden.. hmm. ja. siden sist dere spilte på blitz. men de derre fun folka. har dem no nettside eller no ?
18 Nov 06 - 12:00am
Hey Dudes.

kinda be remind of our gig in gieszer16. leipzig. your music follows my days. appreciate to have played with you.

16 Nov 06 - 12:00am
I was on your show in riga...very few poeple came. but I like your shozophrenia music :D he hee good luck to you! :)

16 Nov 06 - 12:00am
never heard about you guys until you came and blew my mind at Turku. Finland.. bought both of your LP's and the neighbors should also learn to like them =))

keep up the good work!
15 Nov 06 - 12:00am
greetings from estonia!! thanx guys for the great show!!! we all really really liked it very much and we all want to see you here 100% again!!!
and big thanks to you for the CD you left me on the table !!!

ilja. tallinn. estonia
15 Nov 06 - 12:00am
guys..your show at riga was great...hope to see U soon in LV again :)

the dude who helped to get drumset in bus :)