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17 Oct 07 - 04:20pm
haha dere ser ihvertfall ut som verdens tøffeste rockeband med så et tøft bilde på forsida!!
Zombiecrew Casa
03 Oct 07 - 07:00pm
Ugg! Ich habe meine hirn zum frühstück gegessen. smecht gut!
10 Sep 07 - 06:46pm
Så fin side dere har da. Fin ny 7" og. Fine karer. HA D FINT
10 Sep 07 - 03:10pm
Det føles bra, menn gråter alt for lite
Name Schname
08 Sep 07 - 07:23pm
Halla karer.

Det er svært skjeldent at musikk får meg til å gråte, men dere er noen av de få som faktisk får det til. Åssen føles det hæ?

Tenk å få en voksen mann på til å gråte på den måten! Skamme seg burde dere!
22 Aug 07 - 03:11pm

now i wanted to spread the news but it seems it already reached you lars! saw that you posted the 10.10 in the tour plan.

looking forward!

20 Aug 07 - 04:17pm
Due to some spamming things have been hopefully updated for the better.. Look at the nice no-tie captcha!
21 Jul 07 - 07:41pm
Hey Zille!

Just came home from one week in the mountains.

Were home and waiting gor you, so no worries. Just left the phones back home when we left. Also lost my phone in a water puddle.

But now where home, so just call when you come!

big hug

18 Jul 07 - 07:33pm

the facts changed! i'm going to start off in hh saturday night/sunday morning (21./22.), one day earlier.

mido, Bård; Lars; SOMEONE, please tell me when you took note of that whether its ok for you or not.

greetz, zillE*
17 Jul 07 - 06:57pm
hey lars! thats cool! thats definitely a plan!

i was worried already, whether anyone would be around at all. mido doesn't answer my mails. if she doesn't answer till friday i'll try to call her again.

i'm starting off in hamburg at 7h am on monday so i could reach oslo by 8 maybe....don't know. i'll call you then.

and you know, there's promise to keep...:-)

greetz then und bis bald,