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Mail: dimi#zonk&be
26 Dec 12 - 11:59am
Looking forward to seeing you guys play in ACCO/Chaosbar Leuven the 26th march!
Dano From Žilina
Mail: traguss#gmail&com
18 Oct 12 - 10:22pm
as always wonderfull music evening and morning coffee chat. Thank you!
Mail: dr&martens1460#gmail&com
12 Oct 12 - 04:28pm
Guys!u are awesome)

Mogilev love u)

u are welcome in belarus and in our city)
Mail: disbeatrawpunk#gmail&com
03 Aug 12 - 08:20am
Mail: gdr_soundnculture#hotmail&com
19 Jul 12 - 04:27pm
Hello, dear friends!
Mail: validateyourticket#hotmail&com
19 Jul 12 - 02:53pm
hey. you are awesome. i saw you 2 years ago in patra/greece and now im in copenhagen, any live soon around here?
Check Check
Mail: llm#med-user&net
06 May 12 - 04:59pm
just wanted to let youse know that we sent a mail, , me and computers, , gotta double check and send as poften as possible, , hope to see youse someday soon
Markus From Dresden
Mail: highjumpermarkus#web&de
27 Apr 12 - 12:06pm
Hey guys!

can you confirm the gig in dresden? because i´ve never heard about that location. i hope to see/hear your sounds that night:)

take care
14 Apr 12 - 11:40pm
Great Gig Last night at Casa Viva (Porto).

One of best bands i saw in ages!
Mail: band atdjeva rad otc odotu k
24 Mar 12 - 11:59am
Hey up! Great stuff, guys! Lookin' forward to hookin' up for the show with you guys at La Vielle Valette on 4th!

Take care!