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La casa crew
13 Nov 06 - 12:00am
Hi Mandy! Wå Will play in germany again in april. not sure just where but we will for sure! Hope to see you there. hang in there!

Greetings from la casa crew. on tour in
Tallin. Estonia

mandy jeserich
13 Nov 06 - 12:00am
Hey. i'm mandy . i have seen you in summer in dresden. az conny. now i'm addicted to your fucking music and i wait here in france. suffering. to get up the news. When do you play again in germany?
06 Nov 06 - 12:00am
Jepp det gjorde jeg..
Hilsen fra luleå!
02 Nov 06 - 12:00am
lars. fikk du mailen min?
casa crew
20 Oct 06 - 12:00am
Hey Zille!

Great to hear from you! 'Thanks were doing just fine. and soon we go on tour. cant wait. I hope we met again next april because then we come down to play again. And youre always welcome to visit us up here in the cold north!

Take care

Big ugs

Casa Crew
19 Oct 06 - 12:00am
hey guys!
thought i'd leave some greetz for you in here!
hope you're all well and having a good time and all that.
we'll meet again. promise.
say hallo to torstein as well!
greetz. zillE*
this tour called yummy
09 Oct 06 - 12:00am
tjabba leget - hilser fra sveits 50 meter fra grenseovergangen til le france i en squat full av fine mennesker. Alt vel. vi har enn saa lenge overlevd diarre og spysjuke. rush-hour i paris og barcelona og gale franske gruvebyokkupanter.

kyss klapp klem ttcd
09 Oct 06 - 12:00am
godt jobba på barrrrikaden!
04 Oct 06 - 12:00am
veit dere omtrent når dere spiller i kveld?
21 Sep 06 - 12:00am
i natt drømte jeg om dere IGJEN!
var mest om at dere drev med vannballett:p